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British Shorthair Terms of Sale
Cats and kittens for sale at The Cats of Maou are available to loving, forever homes only. Our greatest concern is for their welfare, so please don't feel offended by all of the personal questions about you, your family and the type of home you have to offer. The way we feel about it is, these aren't just cats...they are like our children and finding them a good home, where they'll live a life of security and happiness, takes precedence over all.

Please email for our Pet kitten adoption fees. Purchasing a kitten as a Pet has no reflection on the kitten's individual quality--this simply means that you must neuter or spay your kitten and that your CFA registration will be restricted concerning the right to breed. We will, however, most certainly encourage you to enter your Pet kitten in local cat shows--it's a lot of fun and excitement if you've never competed before!!
Please email for our Breeding and Show kitten adoption fees. This option allows the purchaser full breeding rights with an unrestricted CFA registration.

Our Policies

Kittens will be allowed to go to their new homes between the age of 14 to 16 weeks. We guarantee their health & they will be vet checked three seperate times, regularly wormed & will have received all of their core kitten vaccines.

These are inside cats only and we will not place one with anyone who intends to let them roam free out of doors. We do not allow declawing...this is an abhorrent, inhumane practice.





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