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British Shorthair Breed Profile

Possibly the oldest of the natural English breeds, the lineage of the British Shorthair can be traced to the domestic cats of the Romans, which perhaps explains the wide assortment of striking colors displayed throughout the breed.

The British Shorthair is a comparatively new breed to the United States and has garnered an ever-growing popularity with the cat-loving public since their CFA recognition for championship competition in 1980.

Typically British by nature, the British Shorthair cat will quite often display an initial reserve towards invading human visitors, but once accepted and acknowledged as a true cat-worshiper, the Brit rewards his admirers with the grand honor of allowing them the luxury of stroking their short, very dense, resilient coats. Devoted in nature, the British Shorthair cat is an ideal companion--a placid but no-nonsense cat, they're loving and affectionate, yet rarely over-demanding.





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