"CFA Approved Cattery of Excellence"

British Shorthair Cattery

The Cats of Maou is a CFA registered cattery located in the scenic Hill Country just 50 miles northwest of San Antonio, Texas. Established in 1965 by breeder Marian Johnson of Johnston City, Illinois (formerly of Chicago), the Cats of Maou have, since 1982, been exclusively and selectively developing, nurturing and professionally showing the British Shorthair breed of cat, always striving for the utmost perfection of the "Brit" in accordance with the CFA breed standard. Breeder/Owner Marian Johnson is a former Secretary of the British Shorthair CFA Breed Council.

To date, the Cats of Maou have bred an impressive 46 British Shorthair Grand Champions and hold the sought after titles of Distinguished Merit for four females who were the mothers of five or more Grand Champions!! Congratulations "GRAND CHAMPION MAOU PARTY GIRL, DM," "GRAND CHAMPION MAOU AM I BLUE?, DM," "CHAMPION MAOU BLAZING STARR, DM," "CHAMPION SUNAMI PARTY AGAIN OF MAOU, DM" and one male who is the father of 15 or more Grand Champions, "GRAND CHAMPION MAOU LET'S PARTY, DM" who is the third British Shorthair male cat to receive this honor!!
Marian Johnson, owner and dedicated "pooper-scooper" of the Cats of Maou, is a former CFA Shorthair Judge practicing for 10 years before retiring with her feline friends.
The British Shorthairs of the Cats of Maou rule with a no-nonsense, gracious dignity in their loving home atmosphere which is entirely dedicated and devoted to the health, happiness and welfare of its feline inhabitants. Dominating window sills and royal kitty cushions throughout, the resident British Shorthairs add a sparkle to the cattery decor with their solid colors of Black or Blue, parti-colors of Tortoiseshell and Blue Cream, the patterned tabbys of Cream or Red and the bi-colors Blue & White and Cream Tabby & White.

GRAND CHAMPION "Maou Lets Party, DM"



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