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Brit Kittens For Sale

14 week old Cream spotted tabby British Longhair

Very laid back, sweet natured and fun loving

Adoption fee $1050 with limited registration

Ready to go!

Email for additional information

This one is going to be a big, big boy!!


UPDATED 5/8/2018


We currently have some older kittens available for placement. Because we want these to go to a home absolutely suitable for them, please email us at mtbarmranch@aol.com and tell us in detail about yourselves. We'd like to know where you live, how many in your family and their ages, any other pets, your lifestyle, how often are family members home, the feline personality that you prefer and any other information you can tell us that would help determine if any of these would be suitable for your family. Pictures will be provided to those families we think would be suitable for our babies.


Available...two tabby males, 10 months old, neutered. Lovely temperaments!! Healthy and active boys will be quite large at maturity. Will adopt out as a bonded pair only. $2200 for both.

Available...8 month old dilute calico female to be spayed before adoption. Extremely intelligent, very active and friendly but like a lot of Brits, she does not like to be held. $1100 + cost of spaying.


British Longhairs are ocassionally born to one of our breeding pairs and are usually blue or blue cream in color. If you are interested in one of these lovely kittens, please let us know and we'll add you to a waiting list.



Sorry, but all of the following babies pictured have gone to their homes

Please email for current kitten availability

Contact us at mtbarmranch@aol.com for information


"CHERRY" Blue & White Female.

"CHESTER" Cream and White Tabby Male.

"MJ's Legacy" Blue Cream Female.

"Garfield" Cream Tabby Male.

"Sophie" Blue & White Female.

"Hummer" Cream & White Male.

Email for our current adoption fee with limited registration

See our terms at terms.html

We no longer air ship our babies. See our pick up policies at shipping.html

We have several top-winning adult neutered or spayed retired show cats available to forever homes. Some of these have acheived their highest levels and might love to be on the show circuit again. Call or email for additional information.




  Click here to see photos of some of the different colors of the Brits 



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